Toros welcome Dmitry

This is a heart warming story which begins in war torn Ukraine. It is the all too real challenging story of Dmitry, a 7 year old, and his family who have had to leave their lives in war town Ukraine and have found their home in Herefordshire, including a team for Dmitry to enjoy the universal language of football. Toros chairman Gareth Cottrell picks up the story. He says, “Recently at our ‘Mini Messi’s’ sessions on Sunday mornings we welcomed Dmitry to join in. He’s settled in nicely and is making many friends. In September his family arrived at Belmont Abbey escaping the war in Ukraine. His father Oleksandr and mother Inna are both doctors and brought Dmitry here from their home town Cherkassy in Central Ukraine. He’s safe now and attending a local school in Hereford and enjoying his football with us. We are very proud to have them as past of Toros.”

Dmitry and his father at Toros

Dmitry and his new teammates at Toros

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