Toros Send Kit To Africa

We all like a new kit, but when it arrives there’s the dilemma of what to do with the old when it is more often than not still in good nick. Hereford based Toros FC looked beyond our shores for the answer and now youngsters in Ghana will be easy to spot playing in their bright green kit.

Toros chairman (and lots more besides) Gareth Cottrell says it’s something all clubs should consider. He says, “We’re sending off 6 boxes of our old kits to Ghana. It came from a chat with my friend Emmanual who hails from there. He told me of how the kids love their football but rarely have access to kit. So we’re expecting our kits will arrive at various teams over there around Christmas so we really hope that children who are not so fortunate as our own will feel pleased. We are a small but growing club and we’ll always look for opportunities to help in this way and I’m sure other clubs are the same.”

So if you find yourself in Ghana at some point look out for teams in Toros green and report back!

Pictured below. Gareth Cottrell presenting Toros kit

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